Training and People Development

For learning to be retained it must be applied

Hermetica believes in action learning where traditional lecture based training is combined with multimedia (when time permits) and actual application in a real environment, with hand holding as appropriate. All three of the examples to the right included these elements. Developing materials for the web allows for refresh when needed as does web based video training (a strong feature of the last example).

Facilitation skills are key to success

The four golden rules of facilitation: (i) Remain neutral at all times, (ii) Focus on process, not content, (iii) Remember, at all times, the group is the expert, and (iv) Never do anything for the group it can do for itself applies equally in the way Hermetica delivers training. More usually than not, the audience being taught already has significant experience and knowledge, even if some things they are being taught are new. It is critical to have an approach which flexes to the group .

Developing individuals to achieve more

Hermetica has helped numerous individuals move on to better things during its existance. If anything, this has been the most personally rewarding aspect of engagements - seeing someone else develop their career and improve their financial situation.

A 2 day course on Supply Chain for the Oil & Gas sector

A two-day training programme was developed to support "A Methodology for Supply Chain Improvement". This was delivered to the industry and was used to help establish LOGIC, the body established to continue the project.

A 5 day training programme for senior purchasers

A 5 day training programme was developed to bring senior purchasing managers from across the globe up to speed with the purchasing methodology being rolled out to support group purchasing of capital plant and equipment.

A 4 day training programme covering analytics

A combination of training presentation materials, videos and hands-on exercises was used to train senior social care analysists from councils in the use of datawarehouse based extraction, cleansing, analysis and presentation tools.