Management Consulting, Telecomms and IT Sectors

From Energy and Utilities to Supply Chain

In addition to allowing a transition from oil & gas construction to consulting across multiple sectors (gas distribution, electricity generation, pharmaceutical, banking, etc.), the time at Ernst & Young developed project management, facilitation, and influencing skills for helping change happen. As well as the skills, the big consultancies offer tools and models for helping communicate change.

IT and Purchasing Services within Telecoms

In many organisations, due to the specialist technical requirements, IT spend is often left with the IT folk. As is the case with engineering, the greatest benefits can be obtained when commercially minded individuals introduce an element of challenge to what is being asked for and/or clarity on what performance is required as a service. In this example savings of 30% were delivered at the same time as increasing flexibility to deal with change.

The pace of change within Computer Manufacturing

With new technologies arriving every year, the IT sector - in particular - is a fast moving in terms of price, availability and customer demand. In order to secure competitive supply over the lifespan of their products, customers must establish an ongoing relationship with key suppliers which secures delivery in times of early shortages, ensures pricing changes as the technology quickly matures, availability of spares and repairs once in service life, and effective end-of-life management.

Consulting is usually about facilitating change

It takes people within an organisation for change to stick. All too often companies employ consultants to do the work rather than use them to influence existing staff to make those changes. When the consultants go so does the change - a very expensive waste

Outsourcing and Strategic Sourcing of IT

Outsourcing is a painful process for most affected individuals. Invaluable experience was gained selecting suppliers, writing and negotiating all the contract documentation, developing business cases in each affected country, transitioning and monitoring performance.

Hardware and system software

As with engineers, it is helpful to have a knowledge of hardware, IT services, device software and applications when optimising IT related spend with technical specialists. Hermetica prides itself on having experience and knowledge which enables such discussions to be held at an in-depth level.